One Year Old First Visit

A dental visit by age one. Too early? It's not.

The first visit at age 3 is just too late. To become a believer, you need only step into a pediatric dental office and see the 3-year-olds having cavities filled.

Really? Well, here is the data. Dental Caries (cavities) is the most prevalent contagious disease in the world. Fifty percent of preschool/kindergarten children have cavities. Dental caries causes pain and suffering, and is the most common cause of absence from school. It is also the most common reason for lost time at work for parents. In the grand picture, it is also the most costly disease in the world to treat.

A study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics showed that overall dental costs in the first 5 years were 40% lower for children who started with the dentist before age one.

All cavities are 100% preventable and parents need to know how before the cavities start. Preventing cavities is easy while stopping cavities, and preventing cavities in a mouth of already existing cavities, is immensely more difficult.

An appropriate age one dental visit will include:

  • A visual examination to assess growth and development.
  • An oral health risk assessment to determine if your child has high or low risk for cavities.
  • A discussion of diet with emphasis on the common mistakes that cause cavities.
  • A discussion of habits that affect both oral disease and growth.
  • Simple techniques to take the hassle out of cleaning your child’s teeth so you know they are clean in a matter of seconds.
  • And ultimately a prevention plan appropriate to your child’s risk of disease.